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Save money when buying your college textbooks!

a selection of textbooks for cheapI'm known for being the guy who finds good deals. Actually I bought my first semester (engineering) college used textbooks for $53,99(plus shipping) and it would cost me $464,51 if I bought used textbooks directly from the college bookstore. I saved 88% of money.

I know it's important to a lot of people to save money from tuition. Then I decided to write an easy to read 2-pages guide explaining what how I shopped my textbooks for cheap and decided to sell it and also offer for free upon filling one of my advertisers free surveys.

I think it works for most colleges, community colleges, universities, private institutions and private schools. Most of majors such Business, Chemistry, Psychology, Nursing, Biology and Literature. It worked for my friends who will study Economics and Computer Science. An example is the Calculus Early Transcendentals (Stewart) which the used one was costing $175 at bookstore and I paid just $8 for a used one in good condition.

I'm sure I will help you and you will also help me.
Anyway, If after reading you don't save more than $5 dollars let me know by email and I'll give your money back.
My email (questions are welcome):a buck of cheap college textbooks

You can purchase the guide for $5, you receive instantly after payment.

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The next sema buck of cheap college textbooksester is coming and it’s time to buy, sell, rent or exchange your textbooks. A large percentage of the tuition is books and materials. It’s a must to research to find college textbooks for cheap. Spanish, Law, Medical textbooks…No one escape from expensive prices.

The prices are always high if you compare to normal books since it’s a type of demand of people who really need a specific item. Famous publishers such Prentice Hall earns tons of money every year inside this market.

The student need to pay attention and look for the widely range of alternatives available such renting, online research for prices to find the best deals.